How to Repair Scratches and Bubbles in Window Tint

If you tinted your car windows, you probably did so with the intention of improving the overall appearance of your car while enjoying the UV protection that tinting provides. However, scratches or bubbles in window tint material can really ruin the effect.

Sometimes bubbles occur during the application process when water gets trapped between the film and the window’s surface. If these small bubbles don’t disappear within a couple weeks, the application was done incorrectly. Bubbles also occur when the window tint adhesive has gotten old and is breaking down.

So how do you get rid of bubbles in your tint? Read on to find out:

Warm The Window

If you can start by warming up the damaged window tint adhesive by placing the car in the warm sun for awhile, it will help soften the material and make it easier to manipulate. If you’re attempting a fix in the cold weather and warm sunshine is hard to come by, you can use a hair dryer to heat the area up.

Dampen The Window

Next you want to mist the window in need of repair with warm, room-temperature water to get it slightly damp. Make sure not to soak the window tint adhesive, just get it moist.

Flatten The Bubbles In Window Tint

After the window tint has been warmed up and dampened, carefully poke a tiny hole in each bubble with a small, straight pin. Be sure the holes are very small and take care not to rip the film.

While the window is still damp, use a straight edge, like a credit card, to slowly smooth out the bubbles by moving toward the edge closet to the bubble.

Dry The Window

After you’ve smoothed out the bubbles, use a lint-free, clean cloth to dry the window completely while checking for any other bubbles.

Replacing Damaged Film

If your window tint has been severely scratched, torn, if it’s peeling, or if large bubbles are forming, you’ll probably have to completely replace the window tint sheets. Start by marking a square around the damaged area and then use a razor blade to slowly slice the film around your mark. Use one corner of your blade to lift the film up off of the glass.

Next, spray a mist of water on the edges of your cut area and use the corner of your razor again to slide it underneath the film. Gently run the razor blade under the film, little by little, until the full square around the damaged area has been removed.

Make sure to clean the window of any dirt and dust before you apply new tinted film. The new tint needs to be the same shade as the old material.

Before you apply the new film, dampen the glass again and then gently apply the new tint onto the damp glass. Press down firmly from all sides to smooth out any bubbles underneath.

Turn To The Professionals

Sometimes the best thing to do when your window tinting has become scratched or developed bubbles is to take it to a professional. Your local repair shop can install your window tinting material right the first time so you don’t have to worry about bubbles and wrinkles.

If you’ve already applied the window tint sheets yourself and need help smoothing things over, look for your nearest local repair shop here.

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