How to Choose a Car Towing Service

Around 69 million vehicles experience breakdowns in the U.S. each year. That’s almost equal to 1 in 3 drivers. 

It’s highly likely to happen to you in your lifetime. You might think it’s easy to handle when the time comes. You only have to call a relative or a car towing service, right?

However, it’s a different story when your car has a breakdown at night. When you’re panicking, you might not have the time to consider your best options. 

You must prepare and choose the best tow truck company while you can. Read on to learn what to look for while browsing your options.

Offered Services

When choosing a tow truck company, you want to prepare for any situation. What if you’re driving your motorcycle? What happens if you’re in another state?

The towing service must have the right vehicle for transporting yours. Its specialization must align with your needs, as well.

Some may specialize in roadside assistance and car removal services. Others may focus on recovery and heavy transportation. Asking for their services helps determine what type of towing company it is. 

Do you need a cross country car tow service? Make sure the company offers this type. If they accept appointments, it will turn out much better for you. 

Service Costs

Now, it’s time to compare costs. Ask for the pricing of every company you’re considering. 

They usually charge per mile plus hook-up and storage fees. They’ll also give you a rundown of extra costs you may incur, such as:

  • Holiday surcharges
  • Off-road towing
  • Interstate towing

What if the company is reluctant to give you a breakdown of costs? They might say they need to assess the scene first before pricing.

Regardless, avoid these businesses. They usually take advantage of customers who don’t have time to compare costs. Trust only the companies that are transparent about their pricing structure. 

Nevertheless, pricing shouldn’t be your sole deciding factor. Going for the cheapest may compromise your vehicle’s safety. Likewise, the most expensive company doesn’t always provide the best services. 

While you’re at it, ask what modes of payment they accept. You may not have cash on hand when you need them. It’s more convenient if they accept payment via credit or debit card. 

Licenses and Insurance

The bare minimum for towing businesses is obtaining proper certifications. Every vehicle must have a license alongside its drivers. 

States also require companies to have insurance for their vehicles, workers, and business. It’s a form of protection for them, but it also protects the customers. 

Check the website if they have this information available. Otherwise, ask for proof of licenses and certificates when talking to the company. If they never show these, avoid that business at all costs. 


You can’t plan when you’ll need a tow truck. Accidents happen any time, and sometimes, it’s in the middle of the night on an unfamiliar road. 

You can find at least one company in your area that offers round-the-clock availability. However, some operate only during the daytime. 

You have to make sure the tow truck company has reliable availability 24/7. Some may advertise to be on-call any time, but they don’t pull through when you need them most. 

The car towing company must also offer its services on your regular route. If you search on Google, you’ll see a list of services nearest to you. These companies can get to you soonest. 

Customer Service

There are plenty of ways to assess their customer service. In the initial stages, see how they respond to you. 

Before choosing any car towing service, contact the company first. Ask some questions about their services and rates.

You can gauge their level of professionalism by the way they talk to you. They should be polite and patient, given that you’re asking reasonable questions. 

If you’re not comfortable at this stage, you may have to consider other companies. Their responses reflect how they will deal with you in the future. If they’re hard to reach, you can’t be sure someone will pick up the phone when you need them later. 

Their customer service also shows with their treatment of your vehicle. You won’t be able to test it, though. You’ll have to rely on the experience of their previous customers. 

Reviews and Recommendations

Take the time to search for the name of your desired companies. You’ll likely see some reviews from previous customers. 

Customer satisfaction is the best indicator of their service. If the general assessment is positive, you’re in good hands. When reviews are unfavorable, think twice before entrusting your vehicle to the company. 

You can also check social media platforms, where users tend to rant or rave about a service. Keep an eye out for any post that mentions the company. 

Gather recommendations from your friends and family, as well. Reviews from people you trust are better than those from some strangers online. 


Check how long a towing company has been in the industry. It indicates their experience. You want a seasoned business that knows how to handle different situations. 

Regardless, the best car towing service isn’t necessarily the longest-running company. It’s the one with 24/7 reliability.

The right car towing company won’t damage your vehicle during transportation and storage. Even an old business can have an inexperienced driver, so look for one with a high standard of service. 

If possible, check the condition of their trucks. You don’t want a rusty vehicle to transport your car. 

Even long-running businesses should have well-maintained vehicles. They must pass annual inspections, ensuring safety and efficiency. 

Learn More About Choosing a Car Towing Service

The right car towing service might be your salvation one day. You don’t want to experience waiting in the dark with no one around for an unreliable tow truck. 

Choosing a car towing service isn’t easy, but it’s better to do it now before you need one.

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