Getting Cash for Your Junk Car: Top Questions to Ask Before You Sell

Did you know you could get cash for your junk car? Automotive recycling has added $25 billion to the US economy.

If you have a junk car sitting around, it could be worth some money.

Read more to learn how much cash you could receive and what to ask before selling. 

How Do I Know My Car Is Junk?

If your car is older than ten years, but it still runs fine, it would be a great opportunity to trade in your car. 

Another reason it may be junk is if you are spending more money to repair the car than it’s worth. Many people try to fix their car repeatedly because they think it is more cost-effective than getting something new. 

It’s best to use the money and get something new instead. 

It’s okay to sell your junk car for cash to a junk yard. 

Another reason your car might be junk is if the check engine light is always on. This indicates that something needs your attention soon, or if you’ve had many repairs, you might not have found the problem. 

This isn’t something to ignore as it could cost you more money in the long run. Stop by a local automotive shop and have them run the codes your car is putting out to learn of the problem. 

If you’re experiencing numerous problems, you should consider junking your car and asking the following questions. 

Questions to Ask When Selling Your Junker

You should first ask if you need the title. In some states, you’ll need to have the title for the vehicle to junk it or sell it to another person. However, some places do take no title junk cars off your hands.

You may not need a title if the car has only been in your name and if it’s more than ten years old. 

Next, you’ll want to ask how much you can get when you junk your car. This depends on a couple of things: the year of the car, the general condition and if it is running or not, special details, and the inside parts. 

From that information, the junking company will offer you cash for your junker. This can range between $100 and $15,000, which is why you’ll want a quote.

How fast can they pick up your junker? The answer is fast. Most can tow away your junker within 24 hours, depending upon the location of the vehicle. 

Another question to ask is about the required paperwork you need to gather before going through this process. You’ll probably need proof of registration, your driver’s license, and the car’s title.

Before diving into signing the papers over to your car, you’ll want to have knowledge of the fair market value of the car. You can use some websites that will give you an estimate. 

Be mindful that the price varies depending on how you are getting rid of the vehicle. Look at the pricing structure for retail, trade-in, and private party value. 

Get Cash for Your Junk Car Today

When getting rid of a car, it is best to weigh all of your options, so ask these questions. If you want some quick money and you’re ready to get cash for your junk car, find a service that will take it off your hands and give you a reasonable quote. 

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