How to Remove Dents and Scratches on Your Car

It’s inevitable that you will own a car for the entirety of its life without getting a few dents and scratches along the way. To get these dents professionally fixed, it could cost upwards of $130 to fix. Getting scratchers repaired or a new paint job will make a nice dent in your wallet if they’re many and deep enough.

Instead of spending money at an auto shop, why not fix these on your own? With a few everyday household items, your car could look as good as if you had taken it to the shop. To learn how to remove dents and scratches from your car, continue reading!


Plungers have more uses than just unclogging your drains. If you have a small to medium-sized dent in your car, it can help with that too.

If your dent does not have any creases or holes, splash some water on a cup plunger and the affected area of the car. Start pulling and pushing the plunger on the dent until it pops out. It might take a few tries, but you will successfully have a dent-free car.

Boiling Water

Another way to get out a dent is by reversing the object. Though you have the option of taking off a bumper, it can still be challenging to do on a car in hard to reach areas due to the stiff plastic on the outside. An easy way around this problem is by using boiling water.

If you have an access point where you will be able to get behind the dent, this is a great option to use. Boil some water and pour it on the affected area of the car. Once the water touches the area, it softens the plastic. Reach behind the area and pop the dent back in.

The heat from the water won’t last long, so this must be done quickly and efficiently. Depending on how deep the dent is, you might have to pour water on the area more than once before you can manipulate the plastic back out entirely.


Though scratches can go unnoticed by the average person, enough of them will stand out. If your scratches are only skin-deep (your fingertip doesn’t catch while running over it), try rubbing wet sandpaper on it to get it out.

Clean the scratched area and begin rubbing with 2000-grit wet sandpaper. Take breaks now and then while sprinkling water on the surface area. Once finished, apply a rubbing compound to the area when the scratch is almost gone.


Another quick fix for car scratches is a common household item – toothpaste. Not only will this remove scratches, but it will take out scuffs as well. Take a soft, damp cloth and smear some toothpaste on it. Rub the cloth on the areas that need it and voila.

With minimal effort, your car will look brand new. This works best for scratches that have not penetrated the paint too deeply.

How to Remove Dents & Scratches

With these simple tricks in mind, your car will look almost brand new without having a visit to the shop and putting a hole in your wallet. It’s easy to learn how to remove dents and scratches, and when done enough you’ll be a professional who can do other car maintenance yourself.

If you are having car issues that can’t be fixed at home, check out our website to see how we can help you.

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