Tiny House vs. RV: Which Is Right for You?

Thousands of Americans are taking to the open road every day. Whether they set out to live the RV life full time, or are just looking to spend more time in nature on the weekends, the number of Americans going camping is increasing.

If you’re looking to live life out on the open road, you’re probably wondering what the best way to do it is. Tiny house vs. RV – what’s the better housing option for your plans?

They both accomplish the same goal, but they are very different. Keep reading our tiny house and RV guide down below to see if it makes more sense to invest in a tiny house or tow around an RV.

What Is an RV?

RV stands for a recreational vehicle. It is an umbrella term for any type of vehicle or trailer used primarily for camping or creation. 

When people use the term RV, they are often talking about motorhomes, which is one type of RV. Motorhomes are the types of RVs that have a motor and a driver’s seat. No towing is necessary.

But there are other types of RVs, like travel trailers, fifth wheelers, and popup campers, each with their own merits. 

RVs are ideal when setting up in established campgrounds. Click here to see an example.

If rigged properly, they can also do well out in the wilderness while boondocking. They are very simple to pack up and move to the next location, as they are designed as a mobile-first form of accommodation. 

What Is a Tiny House?

A tiny house is like a regular house, but very, very small. They are often less than 300 square feet, but guidelines can be loose, and your tiny house can be as small or big as you want.

You can build tiny houses on permanent foundations, or a semi-permanent solution so that you can move them with the help of heavy equipment.

Some tiny houses are also built on trailers so you can tow them, just like you would an RV. But tiny houses look like small houses as opposed to traditional RVs.

There are many tiny house benefits. But they are intended for those who plan on living in it full time, as opposed to taking short trips. 

Tiny houses aren’t always allowed at public campgrounds. But there are tiny house-specific campgrounds that cater to medium and long-term stays. 

Tiny House vs. RV

Tiny house vs. RV, what’s best for you? RVs are mobile-first.

They are first and foremost vehicles designed to move from place to place. And they offer streamlined comforts for camping.

Tiny houses aren’t built like RVs, but rather, like proper houses. They can be permanent structures or they can be built on a trailer. They are designed for off-grid living.

If you plan to leave behind your house or apartment full-time, a tiny house is a great option. If you just want a toy for the occasional camping trip, that’s what RVs are for.

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