How Lift Kits Can Help Get Your Ride Ready for Rough Terrain

Did you know that 12 percent of Ford Explorer owners take their vehicles off-road at some point during their ownership? Off-roading is one of the biggest hobbies out there when it comes to truck and SUV owners who love exploring the great outdoors. One of the most important upgrades to any off-roading rig is the lift kit.

Lift kits provide a number of performance benefits in addition to changing the overall appearance of your ride. Many people fail to understand how a lift kit works and why so many people want to purchase rough terrain lift kits for their vehicles.

If you’ve ever considered learning about what does a lift kit do and why you should get one then today is your lucky day. You’ve come to the perfect place to learn all about what is in a lift kit and the benefits that come with installing one.

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1. Aggressive Appearance

One of the first noticeable benefits that you’ll gain when you choose to get lift kits for your vehicles is the change in appearance. Getting a lift kit for your car will make it look more athletic and rugged when compared to the look of your pre-lifted vehicle. Your lifted truck or SUV will look like it is ready for anything that you throw at it.

Your vehicle will look much larger and bolder since it rises high off of the ground. If you add some additional modifications like an aftermarket front bumper with a winch then you’ll have a real trail monster in your garage before you know it.

2. Improved Ground Clearance

When it comes to practical reasons to get a lift kit, the main one that comes to mind is the increased ground clearance that you gain. It might not provide a ton of benefits during daily commutes to and from the office, but it makes a world of difference on trails out in the mountains or the forests. Make sure you look here for more options.

The majority of rough terrain lift kits put more space between the body of the vehicle and the trail. You’ll have a much easier time navigating difficult obstacles and roadblocks when out in nature. If you want to challenge yourself and your vehicle with some crazy trails then you’ll want to make sure that you have a lift kit installed.

3. Undercarriage Protection

It makes sense that the higher your vehicle’s undercarriage is from the ground, the better protected it is from getting damaged.  Vehicles with low clearance are much more likely to sustain damage over rough terrain compared to trucks and SUVs that have lift kits.

Even if you have a skid plate installed on your vehicle, you’re still asking for trouble if you opt not to get a lift kit installed. You’re stunting your mountain monster’s potential while also limiting your ability to see the trail from a higher vantage point.

4. Higher Driving Position

Building off the end of the previous point, a higher driving position is invaluable both on the freeway and on the trail. Many people enjoy driving trucks and SUVs thanks to the higher driving position and the view that it provides compared to sports cars and sedans. 

You can enhance this driving position even more by getting a lift kit installed on your vehicle. Your Ram truck or your Toyota FJ Cruiser might seem high enough as it is, but a lift kit will help you get over tougher obstacles and create a safer driving experience.

You owe it to yourself to give a lift kit a chance on your favorite ride. You’ll open the door to tons of off-roading fun and a safer driving experience for you and your passengers no matter where the road takes you.

5. Larger Wheels

In addition to changing the appearance of your vehicle, larger wheels also make your vehicle’s off-roading abilities that much better. There is a reason why so many truck and SUV owners opt to combine a lift kit with some big all-terrain or mud-terrain tires. It is difficult to fit upgraded tires on a stock vehicle but a good lift kit creates the necessary space to allow for larger tires.

It should be a pretty seamless and easy upgrade to make once the rough terrain lift kits get installed. All you’ll need to do is remove your old tires from the wheels and have the new ones mounted and balanced.

6. Handle Deep Water and Mud

For many people that don’t have easy access to mountain trails, the next best option is hitting the mud holes and water obstacles. These obstacles are difficult and dangerous to conquer when you’re rolling in a stock SUV or truck, but lift kits make a world of difference thanks to the upgraded clearance.

There are almost no limits to where your ride can take you after you make the decision to get a lift kit installed. Combine that with a snorkel and you’re on your way to conquering every trail you take.

7. Better Travel

No one enjoys that jarring feeling that comes with hitting a pothole or bump in the road. The good news is that getting lift kits for your trucks and SUVs will allow your suspension system to travel a lot more. You’ll notice that it absorbs much of the energy from hitting these bumps rather than readjusting your back for you.

This is a major improvement on dirt and gravel roads as well as harsh mountain passes. You’ll love the difference that you see and feel from your vehicle’s new lift kit.

Invest in Lift Kits Today

If you’re the proud owner of a truck or an SUV then you owe it to yourself to look into getting lift kits for your rides. In addition to having a better view when behind the wheel, you’ll also gain the ability to conquer any and all obstacles in your path. Best of all, you’ll limit damage to the undercarriage of your vehicle and gain more ground clearance thanks to rough terrain lift kits.

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