3 DIY Auto Repair Projects for Beginners

For those with no intimate knowledge of their components, automobiles can seem fairly complex. In fact, for some, automobiles seem so complex that they wouldn’t dare even attempt a simple repair by themselves.

While automobiles are intricately assembled, they’re not impossible to get the hang of. As a matter of fact, some auto repairs are fairly easy to complete; even for beginners.

Here are 3 DIY auto repair projects for beginners to try.

1. Changing a Headlight

Every once in a great while, one of your vehicle’s headlights or taillights will go out. And, as you might know, it’s technically illegal to drive on the road without all of your car’s external lights operating adequately.

So, if one of your lights goes out, you’re going to need to replace it as soon as possible. Fortunately, replacing a headlight or taillight is a fairly simple process.

First, read your owner’s manual to figure out the correct type of bulbs that your particular vehicle uses. Once you’ve done this, you can buy the correct bulbs at essentially any auto parts store.

After you’ve obtained the lights, pop open your hood. Located directly behind the exterior of your light will be a plastic component which holds your light in place. Pull this holder back away from the light’s exterior by squeezing on it and giving it a tug.

Now that the bulb itself is free from the holder, you can unscrew it from its wiring. Take the new bulb and screw it into the wiring component. Then, attach the holder so that the bulb is positioned and ready to illuminate the exterior of the light.

This should do it. Make sure to check your lights to ensure that they’re all operating adequately.

2. Changing a Battery

There is no reason to waste any money paying a professional mechanic to change your car’s battery. It’s a very simple process which can be completed by anyone.

Provided that your battery is, in fact, dead or dying, you can start by opening the hood. The battery will be sitting in plain sight in the middle of your car’s many components.

It will be equipped with two terminals: negative and positive. Both of these terminals will be attached to a wire which is pinched around them.

First, use a wrench to remove the wire from the negative terminal. Then, use the wrench to remove the wire from the positive terminal.

After removing the old battery, insert the new one. Then, connect it in the opposite order that you disconnected the old one. That is to say, connect to the positive terminal first, and then to the negative terminal.

3. Changing Windshield Wipers

Perhaps the simplest DIY auto repair project is changing windshield wipers. While all cars use slightly different types of wipers, all types are simple to connect and disconnect.

Make sure to read your owner’s manual so that you know which size of wipers your vehicle takes.

After you’ve obtained the correct sized wipers, you essentially just remove the old ones and replace them with the new ones. Every set of wipers that you buy will come with instructions telling you exactly what to do.

This is really a very simple process. It should just come naturally to you once you begin.

Not Interested in DIY Auto Repair

Regardless of how easy the task is, DIY auto repair is not for everybody. Some of us would rather just pay the extra money and have our automobiles repaired by a professional. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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