5 Tips You Need to Know in Order to Find a Quality Mechanic

Taking time out of your busy schedule for auto repairs is a hassle nobody wants. And dealing with a terrible auto mechanic makes the situation worse.

Whether your steering wheel shakes or your car makes a funny noise, you need to find a good mechanic to diagnose and fix the problem.

You don’t want to overpay. And you need the work done right.

Here are five helpful tips to help you find a quality mechanic.

1. Ask Your Friends

Ask friends or neighbors who they trust as their go-to mechanic.

A personal recommendation from someone you trust is an excellent way to start your research. And you might get a better deal on the work when referred by a friend.

2. Go Local

Your friend will probably recommend a local mechanic. Most often, a local shop is a better option than taking your car to a dealership.

Unless your car is still under warranty, don’t take your car to a dealership for repair. Dealer repair shops are busy and often overpriced for labor.

Your friendly neighborhood mechanic might offer a better price on parts and labor since they aren’t bound to dealer pricing.

But if you’re tired of expensive repairs, it might be time for a new car. These Chevy Bolt deals will get you on the road and back under repair warranty.

3. Get Several Estimates

Even if you start with your best friend’s mechanic of thirty years, get a second opinion.

Be sure you get a written estimate. It should detail the problem, parts needed, and costs for labor.

Have another mechanic provide a recommendation for the issue, then compare the estimates.

4. Don’t Trust the Lowest Price

Keep in mind, when comparing estimates the lowest price isn’t always the best deal.

If there’s a dramatic difference between two mechanic estimates, be wary of poor quality work with the lowball offer.

You don’t want to overpay to get your car fixed by a good mechanic. But a cheap repair could break again or become a safety hazard while you drive.

5. Go With Your Gut

When you need a repair, you’re probably not having a great day. A good mechanic understands that you don’t want to be there or deal with a car problem.

If you chat with the mechanic and you don’t feel good about it, walk away.

Look for a mechanic who explains the problem and repair in terms you can understand. You should feel at ease with the shop, the mechanic, and with leaving your car there for repairs.

A Quality Mechanic Appreciates Your Business

Quality mechanics don’t assume they have your business. They provide good service and hope you’ll come back if you need car repairs again.

Finding good local repair shops shouldn’t be a burden. And you shouldn’t be stuck with a bad mechanic when you have an emergency repair.

Use our online directory of auto mechanics to find local repair shops in your area.

Having a trusted repair shop before you need it helps ease your mind when your car needs help.

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