Signs The Starter In Your Car Is Going Out

Have you ever gotten into your car, turned the key, and felt your heart sink because the car won’t start?

It’s your busiest day of the week (of course), and you’re stuck in your driveway.

We’ve all had that happen. It’s annoying, inconvenient, and expensive to fix. But it might not be that way if you actually knew how to catch the problem early. if you see the signs, you can get your car fixed for less money and never be stranded again.

Take a look at these four warning signs that the starter in your car is about to go out.

1. You Hear a Grinding Noise

If you hear a grinding sound when you’re trying to start the engine, the gears connecting your starter to your flywheel are most likely worn out.

In some cases, this type of noise could also mean there’s something wrong inside the starting motor.

But either way, do not ignore this sound.

Make sure you call your mechanic as soon as you notice this noise. If you don’t, the flywheel will keep getting damaged, and if it goes on too long, you will end up with some expensive repairs.

2. Freewheeling

This term refers to when you turn the ignition switch but the engine doesn’t crank. Instead, all you’ll hear is a whining sound.

Your problem is again with the gears connected to the flywheel. The gears may be stripped or, in some cases, they may have become completely dislodged from the flywheel entirely.

This is a serious problem, and it needs to be addressed right away. If your engine can’t turn over, you’ll need to get your starter replaced. Even if you only notice this problem once, you need to get your car to the mechanic as quickly as possible.

3. You See Smoke

Seeing smoke is a good sign something’s not working the way it should in your car.

The starter in your car is powered by electricity. Sometimes this electricity will continue to provide power even when it isn’t needed, which can cause the mechanical system to overheat. Smoke can also be caused if the ignition motor doesn’t turn off after the engine has already ignited.

Even if you can’t see the smoke, smelling smoke is a good enough reason to get your car checked out. The mechanic should be able to find the problem and fix it before it gets worse.

4. Nothing Happens

Sometimes nothing happens when you turn the key, and this happens without any warning signs or without a clear cause.

This type of problem means the solenoid or motor has burned out or is having some other type of issue, but it can also be caused by a dead battery.

If this ever happens, even if it only happens once, you need to make an appointment for your car. When your car doesn’t start there’s something wrong with it, and it’s better to find the problem early instead of waiting for it to get worse.

Keep an Eye on Your Car Starter

Be aware of what noises your car is making. Ignoring the problem isn’t going to fix anything, and it will make you spend more money to repair it later.

Want to save as much money on your car as possible? Take a look at this money saving car maintenance guide.

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