5 Signs You Need To Get New Brakes

What if you put everyone in danger every time you drove?

This is what happens when you have faulty brakes. However, some people don’t recognize the signs that they need new brakes.

Keep reading to discover five of these important signs!

1. Worn-Out Pads

Many of the hints and signs you need new brakes are things you can discover without looking really closely at the car. However, there’s no substitute for cutting right to the problem.

Brake pads that are worn and thin are one of the biggest signs that you should be replacing brakes. It all starts by looking between the spokes and checking out the brake rotor.

The brake pad is between the caliper and rotor. If it’s any thinner than a quarter inch, it needs to be replaced.

2. Loud Noise

Perhaps one of the most obvious signs you need new brakes is when you heard loud noises while you slow down. This could sound like a squeal, a screech, or a grind.

This usually happens because your brake pads are too thin. Drivers should be checking on their brakes as soon as they hear these weird noises and not just letting it wait for a while.

3. Warning Lights

To be completely honest, many drivers sometimes ignore the various warning lights in their cars. However, there’s one warning light you should never take for granted.

The ABS light is a sign that your car is running low on brake fluid. It’s basically your car’s most explicit way of telling you there is an issue with your brakes.

The likeliest culprit is a leak that is causing drivers to lose the brake fluid. Find and repair the leak before you’re unable to stop the car.

4. Weird Pulling

One of the scariest feelings for drivers is when the car does something different than expected. If that includes mysterious pulling, there may be brake issues.

Things like stuck calipers can make the car feel like it’s trying to make a turn while driving. Collapsed brake hoses and uneven brake pads can also cause this to happen.

While other issues could also cause this pulling, it’s worth checking out as soon as it’s detected.

5. Burning Smell

Most of the signs you need new brakes are visual or auditory. However, it’s important to not neglect the sense of smell.

Be wary of a burning smell that is coming from the back of the tires. And while checking it out, also be on the lookout for the back tires seeming much hotter than they would normally be.

That smell usually means there is an issue with the calipers. It’s important to have the brakes inspected right away if these signs are present.

The Bottom Line on New Brakes

Those reading this are likely worried about whether they need new brakes. And if they do, where can they find them and have them installed?

At USA Auto Repair, we give customers the info they need. To find nearby auto repair shops, come visit the blog today!

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