Why Does It Cost More to Repair Exotic Cars? (And How to Lower These Costs)

Finally being able to buy that dream car you’ve had your eyes on for years is a long-term goal many of us share. But if there’s a common excuse offered up for why people don’t make that dream a reality, it’s the cost to maintain and repair exotic cars.

And it’s not an unjustified objection. That exotic cars cost more to care for is no big secret. And having to go through your dealership isn’t always the straightforward solution you’d think, as one unfortunate woman learned after buying her dream Jaguar.

But it’s not impossible to manage luxury car repairs without breaking the bank. To explain as much, let’s take a look at why repairs tend to be more expensive and what you can do to bring those costs down.

The Cost of Repairing Exotic Cars

The biggest factor in the cost of repairing an exotic car is the cost of parts. Since the vehicles are produced in limited runs, replacement parts tend to be scarce.

For exotics, expect to spend time looking for import parts. And the components themselves may also be made out of high-grade materials or incorporate proprietary technology. So when you do track them down, you can expect to pay a premium.

Installation is another factor.

Most owners default to taking their vehicle to a dealership for servicing for the simple fact that most mechanics have no experience working on exotics. This extends to basic maintenance like oil changes, which can run you as much as $100 per servicing.

That said, if you live in or near a major metro area, it’s not impossible to find specialty mechanics who offer competitive rates compared to the fees the dealerships exact. Finding one of the professionals can help you keep the cost of ownership down.

Taking the Sting Out of Luxury Car Repairs

So as we established, one of the main culprits behind why these vehicles are so expensive to run is the cost of exotic car parts. So one of the biggest things we can do to take a bite out of that cost is to bring the cost of those parts down.

Finding an auto parts dealer that specializes in affordable exotic components is not only possible but well worth the effort. Take a look at this supplier that handles hard-to-find Porsche parts for an example. Cut costs on parts, and you cut a substantial chunk of the cost of maintenance.

Outside of parts, the next biggest cost to operating a luxury car is insurance. Besides being harder to repair, luxury cars are popular targets for vandalism and theft. So even if you have a spotless driving record, you can expect your insurance premiums to be higher than if you drove an economy car.

Shopping around various insurers who deal with prestige vehicles and switching from monthly to annual insurance subscriptions can help reduce those premiums.

Your Dream Car Shouldn’t Give You Headaches

For many, exotic cars represent goals worth striving towards. Driving one is a clear and present symbol that you’ve made it in life. So keeping one in good working condition shouldn’t cause more trouble than it’s worth.

Finding affordable exotic car parts and an auto repair shop that will work with you is crucial to enjoying your dream car. But that’s only one facet of stress-free car ownership. For all the tips and tricks you need to bring down costs as well as enjoy your luxury car, be sure to keep up with our latest auto news and guides.

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