Top 8 Things That Cause Car Paint Damage

Did you know people keep their cars on average for about 8.4 years?

If you’d like to keep a car for that long, or even longer, it is crucial to learn how to take care of it.

The paint is one essential aspect to maintain if you want your car to look new and beautiful no matter how old it is. Continue reading to learn eight things that can cause car paint damage, so you know what to keep an eye out for.

1. Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are one of the most common issues car owners come across. Birds are everywhere, so getting their droppings on your car is almost inevitable.

While they might seem like nothing more than a mild annoyance, they can do real damage to your car’s paint. The droppings are acidic and can wear away the paint over time.

If you notice fresh droppings, take care of them right away. The best way to do so is by wiping them away with a towel and a cleaner made specifically for the exterior of cars.

If you don’t catch it while it’s wet, a towel or a trip to the car wash should still do the trick!

2. Dirty Rags

One of the most essential auto maintenance tips to keep in mind is knowing that even cleaning your car can damage it.

Aside from being careful about what cleaning agents you use, you should carefully pick which rags/towels you use as well. As a general rule, it’s wise to use a new towel or rag each time you clean your car.

Over time rags can accumulate tiny particles of dirt that will actually scratch your car as you use it. You can help prevent dirt from getting on your rags by storing them inside and keeping them away from the ground.

3. Spilled Drinks

Drinks usually go inside your car, so it’s the interior you need to worry about. But have you ever set drinks on top of your vehicle so you could unlock and open the door more easily?

Doing this is common, but if a drink like coffee or soda tips over and spills on the top of your car, you’re in trouble. These acidic drinks can eat away at the paint in the same way bird droppings do.

4. Brake Fluid

If you take care of your car yourself, you need to be extra careful when dealing with brake fluid.

If it comes in contact with the paint on your car, it acts like paint thinner. It will erode the paint and lead to it peeling away from the metal. 

5. Acid Rain

If you notice it raining outside, you might think to yourself, “nice, I’m getting a free car wash,” but unfortunately, the rain doesn’t always do your car good.

Acid rain can happen anywhere, but if your area experiences it frequently due to pollution, you should be mindful of it. While you might not notice the damage as it’s hitting your car, it will show up later.

As the water evaporates, you can experience two problems. The first is seeing raindrop-like prints all over your car. The rain can eat away at your paint where it falls.

The second issue is rust. Your car will be vulnerable to this common problem in the spots where the paint is gone. Both of these issues put together can leave your vehicle looking awful.

It’s vital to consider different ways you can protect your car paint if you want your vehicle to stay in tip-top shape.

6. Insects

Having bugs all over your car isn’t a good look. But it’s not good for your paint either.

Although bugs are tiny, each one has fluids inside that burst out when they come into contact with a moving vehicle. These fluids are acidic and erode your car’s paint.

Because bugs are so tiny, it will take a long time to notice the damage building up. Now that you know this information, you can prioritize regular car washes so dead bugs aren’t sitting on your car for long periods of time.

7. The Sun

While many people think having a garage is convenient to keep your car out of the snow, it’s just as important to use it to keep it out of the sun!

Constant exposure to sunlight can fade and crack the paint on your vehicle. So if you have a garage or carport, use it even when it’s nice outside. If parking inside a garage isn’t an option, try to park in the shade whenever possible.

8. Construction Areas

Have you ever driven through a construction area and heard the sound of thousands of tiny pebbles pelting the outside of your car?

If you couldn’t tell from the sound alone, those pebbles can do severe damage to the paint. Aside from the gravel, wet tar and other elements can do their damage too.

Whenever possible, avoid driving through construction areas. Even taking a way around and losing a few minutes of time is better than ruining your car.

You Can Prevent Car Paint Damage

While there are many things you don’t have total control of when it comes to your car, preventing car paint damage isn’t one of them.

There are many things you can do to keep car paint damage at a minimum. The first step is learning what everyday things cause harm, and the second is avoiding the eight things mentioned here.

Your car should look shiny and new if you make the paint your priority!

If you’d like to learn more about how to keep your car looking new no matter how old it is, please check out the rest of our site for more tips. 

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