5 Signs Your Car Brakes Are Failing

Around 5% of car accidents in the United States are caused by brake failure. Given that there are approximately 5.6 million traffic-related accidents each year in the US, the amount caused by faulty brakes is in the region of 300,000. Our vehicles’ brakes are an essential safety feature in our cars, helping us to avoid accidents and maintain safe driving at all times.

Car brakes do not last forever and need to be periodically changed. If you are noticing signs that your car brakes are failing, it is essential that you visit a professional mechanic. In this blog post, we will highlight 5 possible signs that your car brakes are failing.

1. Brake Warning Light Turns On

When the brake light indicator turns on on our dashboard, this is a sign that it’s time or regular maintenance or that there is a potential issue. There may be different reasons why the brake light is on, such as low brake fluid or an issue with the anti-lock brake systems.

2. Leaking Brake Fluid

Leaking brake fluid can be a symptom of a number of issues, ranging from general wear and tear to damage to the brake’s components. If your car is leaking brake fluid, you should not drive it. Without brake fluid, there can be a loss of brake pressure, limiting the ability of a car to stop.

3. Car Pulls When Braking

Should your car ‘pull’ to one side when braking, this is a sign that your brakes are in need of attention. It may be a case of a caliper issue or a bad brake hose. You may not immediately notice this issue if only one of the brakes is damaged, which is why regular car inspection and Maintainance are so important.

4. Squealing Noises

This is a sign that will be very apparent when you are driving your car. Squealing or speaking noises may not always be a sign of serious car issues (it may just be pebbles temporarily lodged in the brakes), though it could be related to worn brake pads. It’s always recommended that you get any unusual noises checked out.

5. Wobbling When Braking

The sensation of wobbling or vibrating when braking may be related to an issue with your rotor. The rotor surface can become worn down over time; wobbling could indicate that the rotor is uneven due to wear. This is another sign that you need to schedule a mechanic tune up near me or buy car brakes.

Signs Your Car Brakes Are Failing

Our car’s brakes are essential to maintaining our safety, and they should be properly maintained throughout the year. With the approaches winter months and the likelihood of poor driving conditions, properly-working brakes are even more important. Regular maintenance is key to safe driving and avoiding car problems.

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