How to Buy New Wheels Without Getting Ripped Off

The safety of you and your passengers heavily depends on your wheels. If your wheels are sleek and old, the chances of a car accident can increase. This is because your wheels have no traction to keep them from slipping and sliding off the road.

So don’t wait until a tragedy strikes to buy new wheels. If you’re interested in learning how to buy new wheels for a car without the hassle, then keep reading this article! 

The Geometry of the Tire Is Crucial 

When you buy a new wheel for a car, ensure the geometry of the wheel matches your car. You can do so by checking the offset, which is the distance between the mounting part and then the middle of the wheel. By checking this, you can ensure that the centering hub will properly match your vehicle.

A centering hub works by matching with part of the wheel to keep the wheel body in the center. However, some wheel brands don’t fit this hub. When this happens, a spacer or different wheel is needed.

Therefore, before you make any expensive purchases, ensure that the wheel has the right geometry to fit properly inside. 

Bigger Wheels Can Cause Damage 

Knowing how to buy new wheels for a car can save you hundreds. So the next factor to think about is the size of your wheels.

Getting wheels that are too large for your car will only cause the counterparts to fail. Your fuel economy could also plummet especially if you have a smaller car.

This is because heavy wheels take more energy and fuel to rotate. And when a smaller vehicle isn’t equipped to keep up, the ABS feature can start to fail.

If you’re not familiar, ABS or the Anti-Lock Brake System prevents the wheel of your car from skidding during heavy braking. Unfortunately, when you have larger wheels, the ABS can fail and cause a collision!

To prevent this, visit your car’s driver manual and find the right wheel size. The best place to buy new wheels is a facility where the workers can help you with the size guide. Luckily, you can learn more about sizing and geometry before making a final decision. 

Tire and Tread Warranties

Tire companies will try and sell you a warranty, or you’ll get one with the purchase of their wheels. However, most warranties are not as accurate as they are marketed. In fact, these numbers don’t factor in bad weather and mileage. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to get any cashback rewards or moneyback guarantees. The best way to guarantee the livelihood of your tires is by purchasing the best wheels for your specific make and model.

Buy New Wheels Today

The best time to buy new wheels is today! So don’t hesitate any longer and start eventing in your vehicle. Remember to always buy new wheels that fit the body of your vehicle and don’t fall victim to warranty scams.

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