The 5 Most Common Types of Construction Vehicles

Construction vehicles are among the most highly demanded construction machines. That’s because they perform operations such as mining, manufacturing, and construction. It’s even projected that their market value will rise to over 4 percent from the year 2020 to 2030.

Construction works usually involve various techniques executed with specialized machinery. Read on for five most popular types of these vehicles:

1. Hydraulic Excavator

A hydraulic excavator is an enormous vehicle specialized for demolition and excavation. It consists of a bucket, boom, and chassis. The machinery also moves through wheels and tracks and comes in different designs based on function and size.

With a speed range of 19HP to 4,500HP, hydraulic excavators weigh from 3,000 to 2 million pounds. They entirely depend on well-equipped hydraulic systems. They are common in building demolition projects and transportation of large materials.

2. Bulldozer

Bulldozers are powerful machines primarily used in construction and farming. They come with a broad steel plate or blade on the front side that’s very useful in road building. Hydraulic rams found in the dozer help lift and force down the blade.

You can find bulldozers in engineering projects, military bases, and heavy industrial factories. They are also specialized in spreading loose soil, leveling and removing boulders/trees. When combined with other machinery, they can help in excavation work.

3. Dump Truck

A dump truck is a construction vehicle used to transport demolition waste, sand, and gravel. It features an open-box bed hinged at the back. The vehicle has hydraulic rams to lift and deposit material carried in the open-box bed.

Dump trucks help facilitate mining projects, railway works, and waste transportation. You can find them in different configurations and types depending on the cost of dump truck insurance.

4. Drag Liner

A drag liner is a type of excavator used in surface mining, excavating, and civil engineering. It relies on a dragline to efficiently pull a bucket through a wire cable. Draglines can either be built on the construction site or be pre-manufactured as standard lifting cranes.

You can find drag liners in pile driving rigs, pond dredging, port construction, and road works. They are among the largest mobile construction vehicles ever built. Large ones weigh about 13,000 tons, while small ones weigh about 8,000 tons.

5. Wheel Dozer

Wheel dozers are powerful construction machinery with the versatility and mobility of track-type tractors. They also share production capabilities with track-type tractors. Their application areas include dump area maintenance and loading area cleanup sites.

You can also find them in stockpile, reclamation, and blasting area cleanup projects. Wheel dozers are highly effective when paired with electric rope shovels, backhoes, and hydraulic shovels.

Looking to Learn More about Construction Vehicles?

With this information, you are now familiar with the most commonly used construction vehicles. Depending on your interests, you may learn how to operate any of them for construction work.

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