Jeep Customization 101: How to Make Your Jeep Truly Unique

Nothing beats driving down the road in your Jeep; windows down, wind in your hair. And with a Jeep, driving down dirt roads that other cars can’t access is pretty fun, too. 

No matter where you drive, your Jeep is a reflection of you; adventurous, daring, and a little bit wild. But in order for your jeep to truly be a reflection of you, you need to customize it.

With Jeep sales rising every year, Jeep customization is vital for any Jeep owner who wants to stand out from the crowd. With so many ways to create a customized look on your Jeep, there’s no reason to leave it how it is.

Wondering what the best ways to customize your Jeep are? Keep reading to find out the top aftermarket accessories to add to your precious vehicle today. 

Shade Top Cover

Driving your Jeep in the open air is the true expression of freedom in this country. Doors and roofs are optional for Jeep owners.

But while you may want to spend hours breathing in the fresh air, you probably don’t want the sun hitting your skin that long. That’s why it’s worth getting a shade cover for the roof.

Typically made of mesh, these covers block a majority of the sun’s rays while allowing air to continue flowing freely. Fewer rays entering the vehicle will also protect your car’s interior from fading and cracking as a result of prolonged sun exposure. 

It can also help reduce wind noise, making it easier to talk with passengers on long, windy drives. If you get a sunshade roof specifically designed for your jeep, no installation hardware will be needed. They typically come with bungee cords that fasten to your Jeep’s sidebars for easy on and off installation.

Underseat Lockbox

It’s awesome when you can leave the doors off your vehicle for days, weeks, or months at a time due to warmer seasons. But occasionally you might worry that someone is going to snoop around the inside of your vehicle.

Rather than putting your doors back on in order to prevent any petty theft, you can install an under-seat lockbox. These will attach to your seat’s frame so no one can pull it out.

And the lock will obviously prevent anyone from accessing your valuables. Plus, it remains out of sight so it doesn’t draw any attention.

Heavy-Duty Floor Mats

Off-roading often means parking and walking in dirty places. To protect your car’s interior, and to spruce up the inside, upgrade your Jeep’s floor mats. 

Three-season floor mats are one of the best auto accessories to invest in, particularly when the weather is wet and the ground is muddy. They’ll prevent mud, dirt, and moisture from staining your Jeep. The mats themselves are easy to pull out and wash, making it easy to keep your Jeep cleaner than ever. 

Grab Handles

If you do a lot of off-roading, you’ll definitely want to do your passengers a favor and install additional grab handles alongside the interior walls. These will give passengers an additional place to hold onto during especially rough rides.

Getting nonslip handles will help keep riders safe and makes for an enjoyable excursion. They mount easily without hardware or tools and are typically weather resistant.

Grille Guards

Grille guards make your car look tough. Not only will they look tougher, but they will also actually be tougher. Grille guards protect the front of your Jeep, both when driving on the road and when off-roading.

This means no denting your hood and no smashing your headlights. You can even attach off-road lights for added visibility at nighttime.

You can get a grille guard in different sizes. Some run the length of your Jeep’s hood, while others are shorter and only cover the actual grille on your car.

You can get these in a variety of different finishes and colors depending on your preference. 

Custom Tire Cover

Can you really own a Jeep and not use an obnoxious spare tire cover? Non-Jeep drivers have come to expect every Jeep (especially Wranglers), to have some sort of customized tire cover. It helps if it makes non-Jeep owners feel dumb for driving any car other than a Jeep.

Not only can you convey your personality with your tire cover, but they will also protect your spare tire from the sun and inclement weather so that it’s always ready at a moment’s notice. 

Tire covers are often the first of many Jeep accessories that Jeep owners purchase.


Adding off-road steps to your Jeep is a nice touch, boosting both the style and functionality of the vehicle. There are many different styles of steps to add, but most will run the length of each side of your jeep. Some are flat the entire length, while others offer specific footholds to step into while climbing into the car.

Along with making it easier to enter and exit the Jeep, they also offer extra side protection for the car. If off-roading is your goal, make sure to get steps that sit high, so they clear any debris, bushes, or rocks you might be going over. 

Hood Latch

This tiny piece of equipment will make driving on bumpy terrain much more enjoyable for you and your Jeep. Most Jeep owners will let you know that driving off-road means a hood that bumps up and down, making an annoying noise and causing you to wonder if your hood will suddenly fly open.

Rather than risk this happening, installing a simple hood latch keeps your hood from bouncing or making any noise at all. A small touch with a big impact.

Jeep Customization for Every Jeep Owner

There’s so much you can do to upgrade both the look and functionality of your Jeep. Whether you are a causal city-slicker or off-road menace, your Jeep deserves a unique profile.

Luckily, aftermarket manufacturers make so many accessories that are super easy to install on Jeeps. Oftentimes, you don’t need tools or experience to make Jeep customization a reality.

Looking for other articles like this? Be sure to check out the rest of our blog today to keep reading. 

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