5 Surprising Car Facts You’ve Never Heard Before

If you’ve been in the mood for some shocking car trivia, then you’ve come to the right place. While you may think that you’ve heard every interesting fact about automobiles, the following car facts just might blow your mind. 

1. A Car From 1884 is Still Running

They just don’t make things like they used to. The La Marquise is the oldest still-running car in the world. This wagon-like vehicle has definitely seen better times, but it is more than a century old.

As if this feat wasn’t impressive enough, the oldest still-running car in the world also happens to be the first winner of any automobile race. On April 20, 1887, this fascinating contraption sailed past competitors and won the first price.

2. Cars Were Prophecized 

Though this next fact may seem like something out of science fiction. But historical truth is often stranger than fiction. An English monk by the name of Roger Bacon once prophesized the eventual arrival of cars.

This happened back in the 13th century. To be fair, Bacon seemed to have a keen awareness of the general future. It is also said that he spoke about airplanes and submarines. He was obviously way ahead of his time.

3. The Average Car Contains About 30,000 Parts

Did you know that the average car consists of about 30,000 individuals parts? You may want to take a moment to think about that the next you need to purchase replacement autoparts.

Sure, you may need to replace your headlights, your battery, and your windshield wipers. But at least you’re not there to buy thousands of replacement parts. That would be a very long (and expensive) purchase.

4. Ford’s Model T Initially Cost $825

Henry Ford’s iconic black buggy, the Model T, was not the first mass-produced automobile. That honor belongs to the 1901 Curved Dash Oldsmobile. However, Ford did help to revolutionize the automobile and help it transform into a modern car.

He didn’t do this by inventing the best technology. Instead, he simply lowered the price of his vehicles. For the first time, automobiles became (relatively) affordable to a wide range of American consumers.

At least, that’s how the history books tend to tell it. The Model T’s $825 price tag might seem like a fantastically low price to pay for a car. But it debuted in 1908. Inflation has altered the value of our currency quite a lot since then.

When you account for inflation, the Model T’s price transforms into just over $23,000. Think about that for a second.

That means that the people who were purchasing Ford’s most famous invention were spending the same amount that modern people might spend on a brand-new car.

5. The First Car Was Invented in the 1600s

This final fact may leave you speechless or even shocked. You may be tempted not to believe it. However, in 1658 a Belgian priest named Ferdinand Verbiest decided to make a pilgrimage to China.

During that time, China was known for its raw silk trade and production of gunpowder. While Verbiest was spending time with the current Emperor, he also worked on intricate steam-powered models and trinkets.

One of these toys included a 25.5-inch steam-driven automobile. Verbiest was blissfully unaware that he had prematurely stumbled upon one of the modern age’s most beloved inventions.

Car Facts Can Surprise You

Did these car facts surprise you? Hopefully, you enjoyed each one and learned something that you can share with friends and family members. Be sure to check out more cool car facts to keep the good times rolling.

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