5 Surprising Facts About Maintaining Tire Pressure

Do you know you’re supposed to check your tire pressure? Yes, every car owner this is important.

However, do you know why?

If you don’t know why you have to maintain the proper tire pressure, this post is for you.

Read on to get started.

1. Underinflation

As you probably already know, underinflation can cause severe problems with your tires and take a toll on your overall vehicle.

An underinflated tired will last 25% less than a tire properly inflated, and it will also deduct fuel economy. This happens when the rubber meets the roadway and decreases its functionality.

Having an underinflated tire could also cause you to lose control of the vehicle, you could encounter a bumpier road.

So if you want better fuel economy and maintain control, you need to make sure your tires are not underinflated.

2. Overinflation

You know that an overinflated tire is bad for your car, but do you know why?

Overinflating a tire makes the tire rigid and stiff so the tire won’t be able to come in contact with the road as it should.

If your tires are overinflated and come in contact with the road, it might make you lose control. The excess air could cause your tire to explode, which could potentially cause an accident.

3. Before Long Trips

When you’re getting ready for a long trip, you should make sure you take a look at your tire pressure.

However, don’t just measure the tire pressure. You have to take a look at the whole body of the tire.

You should not be afraid to get down there and take a look at the whole tire. Make sure you check for cracks or any objects latched on the tires.

If anything else is abnormal, is better to fix it before you hit the road.

4. Rotate Your Tires

You’ve heard you’re supposed to rotate your tires, but do you know why?

The answer is simple, you want to make sure your tires wear out evenly. If you don’t your tires won’t wear out evenly, and this will mess with the pressure of the tires.

It can also cause so many other issues to your car in the long run.

Make sure you rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

5. Don’t Overload the Tires

If you want to maintain the pressure of your tires in pristine shape, you should never overload your car.

To be safe your car isn’t getting overloaded, you should check the weight limits specified by the manufacturer.

Make sure you don’t treat your car as a clown car or try to move an entire apartment in the trunk of your sedan.

Proper Tire Pressure Is Important

You’ve probably heard the proper tire pressure is important, but might not have known why.

If you don’t maintain the proper tire pressure many things can go wrong with your tires.

If you enjoyed these tips and want to learn of more ways to keep your car in top shape, visit our blog.

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