5 Crucial Pieces of Heavy Construction Equipment for Contractors

Did you know that the value of commercial construction in the USA was estimated at $89 billion in 2018?

Construction of commercial and private homes is a huge industry in the USA that continues to grow despite turbulent world conditions. 

If you are considering getting into the construction industry, what do you need to know? What heavy construction equipment should you be investing in?

Why not read our in-depth guide to learn what you need to know.

1. Bulldozers

One of the most common pieces of plant machinery that you will need is bulldozers. This machine uses great power (like a bull) to push earth and other materials away from work areas. 

This is generally one of the first pieces of plant machinery on any site and so a must-have for construction companies. 

A good quality bulldozer that is well maintained will last for many years and prove itself useful on many construction sites. 

2. Heavy Lifters

On any construction site, there will be a considerable amount of materials movement. This could include the removal of earth or the movement of building materials. 

Bucket loaders or Scoop loaders often equipped with powerful pneumatic technology can lift large loads easily. In other cases, you may use forklift trucks to move even fragile equipment. 

Equipment of this scope is often not cheap, why not check out this guide from Equipment Remarketing regarding plant machinery. 

3. Dumper-Trucks

After you have moved the unwanted materials you have to get rid of it. This is where Dumper trucks come in. 

These small but powerful trucks can take even tonnes of mud, aggregate, and other unwanted materials to processing or waste points.

4. Excavators

As construction starts, you will need to dig down deep to prepare for the laying of foundations. Excavators are strong, well-balanced plant machines that are flexible enough to work in almost any environment.

5. Tower Cranes

If your construction project will be extensive, you may need to invest in a tower crane. 

These behemoth machines are used to lift building materials, such as when constructing skyscrapers or tall apartment blocks. Often used in complex construction projects, they require a careful balancing mechanism to ensure that they can carry heavy loads at extremely high levels.

Heavy Construction Equipment Solutions and Much More

If you are involved in construction and plant machinery usage, you no doubt know that you need the right tools for the right job. Trying to use underpowered equipment can be dangerous and very inefficient.

Knowing what heavy construction equipment is available and where you can find it at a reasonable price is vital for all construction industry professionals. 

If you are interested in learning more about construction equipment and business developments of all kinds, then we are here to help. We gather the latest information on these topics and bring it to you via our blog. Why not check out our other articles to find out more. 

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