4 Tips for Installing New LED Headlights

LED lights are everywhere these days, so why shouldn’t they also be in your car’s headlights?

Yup! Now you can give your car the same great lighting advantages as the LED bulbs in your house.

If you are in need of a headlight change, you should definitely look into using LED headlights. They are better for the environment, last longer, and look great.

And in this post, we’ll go over the tips and tricks you should know about before you move forward with the switch to LED.

Sound good? Well, keep reading for more info!

Know the Headlight Bulb Types

Before you buy LED bulbs, you have to make sure they match the type of headlight your car is equipped with currently. 

Your car has one of two options. Either it has single beam headlights, which means there are two bulbs per headlight, or it has dual beam headlights, which means only one bulb per headlight.

This is important to identify in your car because you have to buy the matching type in an LED headlight. Because of your car’s internal wiring, you have to choose the same type of replacement bulb type.

For example, you can’t replace single beam headlights with double beam LED headlights. 

Improved Performance

There are several ways that LED headlights improve on your car’s performance.

First among them is that the LED bulbs don’t give off heat as a byproduct of their use. This is because they are an efficient form of lighting, and all the energy used up by the bulbs are used for actually generating light. 

This is opposed to halogen bulbs, which release a lot of the energy they use as heat. LED bulbs will, therefore, require a lot less fuel to power them, which will improve your car’s performance.


LED bulbs generally put out 3000lms (lumens) of brightness. But you should keep in mind that some brightness is lost within the bulb as it produces light. 

If you are concerned about the level of brightness due to this, you can have additional LED projectors installed into the headlight. These will make sure that the beam of light is focused, not scattered.


Obviously, the color of the light in your headlights is a matter of preference from person to person, so it’s not necessarily a matter of having more info about color specifics when you’re purchasing them. 

Just be aware that LED lights tend to be on the cool and white light end of the spectrum, as opposed to halogen lights. Halogen lights tend to be more on the warm end of the light spectrum.

LED Headlights Are A Worthwhile Solution

As you can see, there are clear advantages to installing LED headlights in your car. 

They last a lot longer than other types of bulbs and give off less heat, which improves your car’s performance.

And as long as you take the proper precautions in buying the right model of bulb and installing them correctly, you should be all set.

You’ll be seeing more clearly than ever in your car!

If you have any questions about LED headlights, contact us today!

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