Got Streaks? How to Change Windshield Wipers

Did you know that roughly 1 in 5 vehicles have ineffective wipers?

While it’s easy to put off changing your wipers, impaired vision is one of the top causes of accidents. Instead of driving with streaky windshields, it’s best to learn how to change windshield wipers.

Keep reading to learn how to install windshield wipers by yourself to save time and money.

Step #1 to Replace Wiper Blades: Grab Your Car Manual or a Ruler

If you want to learn how to install wiper blades, the first thing you need to do is a bit of research.

Since there are all kinds of different cars, it makes sense that there are also all kinds of wipers. You need to make sure you buy the right replacement for your car.

If you can’t locate this information in your manual, you can measure the blades yourself. Another easy way to find the correct size and type of wipers designed for your car is to Google your car model.

Step #2 of How to Change Windshield Wipers: Unlatch the Blades

Although each model can be designed a bit different, the mechanisms for replacing windshield wipers are easy.

Lift one wiper at a time and search for a lock mechanism that holds the blades in place. You may have to unhook, press a button, or pinch to get the wiper free.

In order to find this locking mechanism, you should inspect the underside of the wiper close to the base of where the blade meets the arm.

Once you unlock the wiper, pull down to detach it. If your wipers are older, you may have to do a little jiggling to loosen it.

Step #3: Install Wiper Blades

The last step of mastering how to change wiper blades is reattaching new wipers.

Make sure you remove any plastic from your new wipers and give them a quick rub down if the packaging includes a cleaning solution. This will ensure they work the best.

In order to install new wipers, you have to reverse what you did to get them off. If your model uses a hook clasp, you can slip the new wiper into the hook until you hear it click.

Whatever mechanism your windshield wiper uses, make sure you listen carefully for the click because that is confirmation that the wiper is locked in place. The last thing you’d want to happen is to lose your windshield wiper while you’re driving in inclement weather.

Once the new wiper is secured, you can lower the blade back onto the windshield.

Step #4 (Optional): Give the Blades a Test

If you’ve never changed windshield wipers yourself before, it’s always a good idea to check your work in a safe environment. While you’re parked, turn the windshield wipers on to make sure they stay in place and swipe effectively.

Want More Helpful Car Tips?

Now that you know how to change windshield wipers, you can ensure that every drive is safe and enjoyable.

If you want the ultimate car guide, The USAuto Repair can help. Check out our blog for additional maintenance tips and more.

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