4 Defensive Driving Tips for New Drivers

Did you know 2.5 million people are seriously injured or disabled from car accidents each year in the United States alone?

Learning how to drive is a big responsibility because your skills impact your life and the lives of other people. One way to keep yourself and others safe is by practicing defensive driving.

Keep reading to learn four crucial defensive driving tips to help prevent car accidents.

1. Distance Is Key

How does one become a good defensive driver? One of the best ways you can start is by keeping your distance from other drivers whenever possible.

A good rule of thumb is to leave three car lengths between your car and the one in front of you. Doing this gives you time to react to what the vehicle in front of you is doing.

You can prevent yourself from rear-ending someone if you have time to brake.

2. Stay Focused

Being a safe driver means staying focused and alert. You can’t do either of those things if you’re texting, having an in-depth conversation on the phone, looking for a song to play, etc.

Try to only be on the phone if it’s an emergency. And be sure to be hands-free, so you’re following the law and keeping yourself safe.

Another good practice is creating any playlists and adjusting your mirrors, seat, etc. before you begin driving.

3. Adjust for the Weather

There are many different driving techniques you can employ to become a better defensive driver. One important one is adjusting how you drive based on the weather.

If it’s snowing or raining and other people around you are flying by, you don’t need to keep up with them if you don’t feel comfortable.

Try to give yourself more time to brake since the roads will be wet, and be extra cautious of the cars around you. Inclement weather often makes people drive worse, so being alert and in tune with what other drivers are doing can help you get out of the way if necessary.

4. Look at the Big Picture

This tip is vital whether you’re a new driver or have been driving for years. When you drive, you can’t only focus on the car in front of you.

You need to have a good idea of what’s going on all around you. So use your mirrors often, every 30-60 seconds or so, to see where other cars are positioned. Then, when it comes time to turn, merge, stop, etc., you’ll be better prepared.

Even if you follow all these tips, it’s hard to be a perfect driver at all times. So if you’re prepping to take your DMV test, taking a practice test can help better prepare you.

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Defensive Driving Tips: Your Key to Success

It’s crucial to be a good driver not only to pass your road test but to stay safe long after you secure your license.

Following defensive driving tips like the ones found here are a great way to learn how to drive safely.

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