Planning Your Next Road Trip? The Best Car Driving Tips to Keep You Safe

Nearly 100 million Americans take a road trip or family vacation on the road every year. With so many people out on the road, so many distractions, and lots of unpredictability, accidents happen all of the time. In order to keep your family safe and keep your vacation on schedule, you should follow important car driving tips.

If you’re traveling with kids and pets, you’re going to have more concerns than if you were traveling alone or with a few adults. Kids get bored, pets get anxious, and both need to take frequent pit stops. There could be a lot of wrenches thrown your way during road trip season and you have to be prepared.

To stay safe you need to have your wits about you and be as distraction-free as possible. Follow these 5 car driving tips so you’re not worrying while you’re out on the road.

1. Pack Up Tightly

One of the worst things that can happen as soon as you hit the road is that you have to slam on the brakes and get hit with luggage. This can cause your car to careen into another lane, could injure a family member, or cause your view to be obstructed.

Pack everything up so none of your mirrors or windows are blocked. Use bungee cords for suitcases, coolers, or anything that doesn’t want to sit still.

2. Get A Check-up

Make sure your car is road-ready before you hit the road. You can drive as carefully and defensively as you’d like but if your tire pressure is low and you hit some precipitation, your driving might not matter.

A car that’s not properly lubricated or that has low fluids is a dangerous car to start a road trip with. Check all of your lights to make sure everything is in good shape. If you have to change one light, you might as well change the pair.

3. Have Safety Gear

If you’re taking a trip during winter, you should have some chains in the back of your car to deal with snow and ice. You can leave the chains at home if you’re staying in warmer weather.

Either way, check on your spare, check on your first aid kit, and make sure you’ve got some reflectors in case of a breakdown.

4. Plan To Sleep

Drowsy driving is often compared to drunk driving. When your body is tired, your responses are slower and you’re less able to make good driving decisions.

Don’t schedule more than 6-8 driving hours in a day, even if you’re switching off with someone. Driving tired will make you prone to unnecessary accidents. Stay safe and stop driving if you feel tired.

Successful Car Driving Tips Rely On You

The most important thing to remember when driving is to be aware of your surroundings. Being awake and alert is the best way to ensure you’re ready for whatever changes the road throws your way.

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