Stand Out With These Custom Car Paint Job Ideas

Did you know that almost 20 million new vehicles are sold in the United States each year?

When it comes to a new car, the type of paint jobs you can choose from are often quite limited. This is why it’s worth looking into custom paint job options. That way, you’ll have a vehicle people will admire for its originality.

Are you wondering what’s possible? Keep reading to learn all about how you can stand out with these custom car paint job ideas.

Recognizable Textures

Most cars are all about being smooth and shiny. Instead of going down this route for the millionth time, you can choose between textures that aren’t often associated with cars.

For instance, plaid is a recognizable texture that gives the feeling of softness and warmth. A paint job in this style can definitely turn heads. You could even get it in the form of vinyl wrapping.

Optical Illusions

You might be surprised to learn that the shape of a car can give you many opportunities for painting cool illusions. For example, a vortex on the hood can make it look like your engine is a black hole from outer space.

If you have a big van, you can paint a smaller vehicle on the side so that your van’s wheels look like they belong to the painted one. These types of car wraps will have people doing double-takes left and right.

Iconic Vehicles

Do you need more custom car wrap ideas? From the Batmobile to the vans from Jurassic Park, there are so many iconic vehicles to pick as inspiration.

Spend some time thinking about what your favorite movie is or go with something that was meaningful to you as a child. Even cartoons have a ton of vehicles you can choose from.

Take a look at these car wraps to see what the professionals are capable of coming up with.

Your Favorite Fruit

You can take car detailing to a whole new level when you paint your car with the designs and colors of your favorite fruit. If you love watermelon, you can let everyone know it with a watermelon-painted car.

To take things even further, you can color the interior of the car to match the insides of the particular fruit. What’s better for a watermelon car than a bright red interior? 

Are You Ready to Use These Custom Car Paint Job Ideas?

Now that you’ve learned all about these custom car paint job ideas, you can choose one that fits your style the best. Your friends and family members are going to bombard you with compliments about your new ride.

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