RV Battery Replacement: How to Start

27% of Americans travel daily for social and recreational purposes. It can include visiting a campsite or visiting a friend. People often choose road trips instead of flights because they offer more flexibility.

People travel in an RV because it offers more cargo-carrying capacity. It also provides comfort and shelter while on the road. Part of traveling in an RV is knowing primary maintenance, like changing the battery.

Do you want to know where to start the process of RV battery replacement? Keep reading this guide to learn how to replace your RV battery.

What Is an RV Battery Replacement?

RV dealers in America reached over $9 million in sales in 2017. This number shows steady growth over the years because Americans embrace recreational vehicles. It brings comfort and provides personal space while traveling.

An RVs battery is the lifeblood of your RV while on the road. It keeps everything running while traveling. An RV battery replacement is an essential step in maintaining the RV.

There are different battery options for RV owners. Lead-acid batteries are one of the least expensive options for battery replacement. These batteries are usual among campers because of their price.

Lithium batteries for RV are the newest options available in the market. They are lighter compared to traditional batteries. They are also more powerful and can use up more of their charge without the risk of damage.

One of the benefits of lithium RV batteries is low maintenance. You don’t have to check the water levels to prevent fire hazards.

How to Install a Battery

The RV battery installation process starts with turning off all power. It includes lights, solar panels, and other RV electronics. Disconnect all the negative cables first, and then remove the old battery.

RVs usually have two to six batteries. Many complex wires connect these batteries. A pro-tip is to take a picture of the battery wires as a reference to make the reinstallation process easier.

Wear thick protective gloves and glasses to protect yourself from any battery leaks. Use a mix of baking soda and water to wash the old batteries. This step will neutralize extra acid on the trays.

After removing and cleaning the battery, polish up the ends of the battery cable. Remove the dirty and corroded battery cables in the process. This step will ensure good battery performance in the future.

You can now secure and install the new RV batteries. Start reconnecting the positive batteries first, followed by the negative. This step will prevent possible arcing or high current discharge.

Use protective terminal coating to prevent corrosion from battery gasses. Apply it only after securing all the connections in the battery. Also, test the system out to ensure everything is powering or charging.

Replace a Battery Today!

These are the steps for an RV battery replacement. Follow this guide next time you need to change the battery while on the road. Remember to check and maintain the batteries to add more years to their life.

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