Car Battery Draining Fast? These Are The Top 5 Culprits

You overslept and realized that you’re going to be late for work. While rushing to your car, you jam your key into the ignition only to realize your car won’t start. You trying turning it again only to result in dim headlights and flashing engine light.

A dead car battery is the worst. Not only does it happen at the most inconvenient times, but it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Is your car battery draining fast? Wondering how it happened? Here are the top 5 culprits!

Car Battery Draining Fast? Here’s Why!

A dead car battery is undeniably one of the most inconvenient events that can happen throughout your day. But did you know that there are ways you can prevent your car battery draining fast? Here’s what to avoid.

Leaving Your Car Lights On

One of the most common reasons for your car battery draining fast is human error. We’ve all done it. We rush out of the car and leave our lights on causing the battery to die faster than it should.

Parasitic Drain

Parasitic draining is a direct cause of electrical problems in your car. If the key is turned off and the components in your car continue to run, this is a strong indicator that your system isn’t functioning the way it should. Sometimes this kind of drain is normal, but excess can be the reason for your car battery draining fast.

Bad Charging

In addition to parasitic draining, if your car’s charging system isn’t working properly, it can be the cause of your dead car battery. Because your systems like your radio and car lights depend on your battery, it’s important to perform a regular maintenance to ensure there are no faulty connections in your system.

Defective Alternator

It doesn’t take a car guru to know that the alternator is the one component that recharges the battery. But unfortunately, if your vehicle’s alternator has a defective diode, it will one of the leading causes of your car battery draining fast. Usually, a bad alternator diode will cause your circuit to continue charging overnight and results in a dead battery.

Old Battery

Lastly, if your car battery is old, this would be one of the leading causes of your car battery draining fast. According to Nationwide, the average car battery lasts anywhere from 2-4 years. Usually, car batteries come with a warranty that assures the life of your battery or you get your money back.

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