How to Keep Your RV in Tip Top Shape: A Guide on RV Maintenance

According to the RV Industry Association, RV production in July 2020 saw more than a 53% increase compared to July 2019. More than ever people are exploring the country in their own RV. After all, what isn’t appealing about seeing the world from the comfort of your own traveling home?

To ensure your RV expedition stays free from unexpected safety hazards or equipment failure, check out the following tips on RV maintenance and keep your home away from home in top shape. 

Safety Equipment

Keeping your camper’s safety mechanisms working properly is the most important aspect of RV maintenance. Just as you do in your home, regularly check the smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector to make sure they are both functioning.

Water-tight Seals

Periodically check your RV for proper seals, every couple of months. Inspect all exterior seams for the integrity of the sealant. You are looking for any indication of separation, peeling, deterioration, or looseness of the caulking or sealant. 

Check with your RV dealer or the manufacturer for the recommended sealant product for your rig. Keeping your RV properly sealed will prevent moisture from seeping into the walls, which can cause mold behind your interior paneling.

If you find water leaking into your RV, have your dealer check that it is properly dried and dealt with before resealing. Here is more information about maintaining seals and preventing potential damage.

Battery Care

If you have a traditional battery, top off the water level with distilled water to keep it functioning properly. Or, better yet, opt for a super-efficient, maintenance-free battery like the RV lithium battery.

These environmentally superior batteries have up to 10X longer lifespan than a regular lead-acid battery. They recharge quickly, are lightweight, and there is no off-gassing, fumes, or leaks. The fact that they are non-combustible also makes them the safest high-performance RV battery on the market.

Heating and Cooling

Other camper maintenance tips include vacuuming your vents to keep them blowing comfortably. And, to be sure your heating and cooling systems are checked and serviced once a year so you can stay comfortable in any climate you dare to explore.


It is particularly important to add to your routine RV maintenance checklist. Keeping your tires at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure range will maximize the performance and extend the life of your tires. For an accurate PSI reading, be sure to check the pressure while the tires are cool.

Regularly inspect the tires for any unexpected changes, such as cracking or bulging of the tires, uneven wear of the tread.  Have your tires checked by a professional if you notice any unusual wear on any of your tires. It could save you from experiencing a dangerous blown tire on the highway.


Just as the brakes wear over time in your vehicle, they also wear on your RV. Have your brakes inspected and serviced once a year to ensure they are working properly and have enough life left to see you home safely.

The Importance of RV Maintenance

To keep your travels safe and fun, be sure to make RV maintenance a priority. The best memories are made when your RV is rolling safely and smoothly to your next adventure.

Be sure to check out our library of helpful tips that will keep you and your vehicle moving on down the road. 

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