Is Your State Safe for Drivers? Here’s What Automobile Accident Statistics Say

We spend hours behind the wheels of our vehicles almost every day. Driving from place to place is such a common experience that we forget the inherent risk we put ourselves in by getting onto public roadways.

The unfortunate truth is that automobile accidents are far more common than we’d like to believe. However, did you know that the likelihood of an accident might increase depending on which state you live in? 

Certain states are safer for driving than others. Where does your state line up? Read on and we’ll walk you through some basic information on automobile accidents by state.

Automobile Accidents by State

Road accident statistics are not consistent across all American states. There may be various reasons why some states are safer and others are more dangerous to drive in. Road conditions may be worse in some states or there may be a general expectation that drivers will operate more recklessly in certain areas.

The states with the highest increases in accident fatality rates may surprise you. Montana, Maine, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Alaska all have seen significant rises in driver fatalities over the past few years.

On the flip side, it’s actually states like Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut that have the lowest fatality rates. 

States like New York and California have a frequent number of accidents but fewer fatalities than the above states. The high number of accidents but a lower number of serious injuries helps to balance their reputation as dangerous states to drive in.

If you have been injured in an accident, it’s important to reach out to Brooklyn car accident doctors in order to ensure your long-term health and safety. 

The Most Dangerous Roads

Many states gain a reputation for being dangerous for drivers due to one single stretch of road.

For example, the stretch of highway that runs between Las Vegas and Los Angeles is often referred to as the most dangerous road in America. The vast landscape and lack of pitstops seem to challenge many drivers, as thousands have perished in accidents on the road over the years. 

The unrelentingly hot weather might also contribute to this danger.

Alaska also has a roadway that has a big part in creating its current reputation. The Dalton Highway is a notoriously difficult roadway that includes huge roadside drops and challenging hairpin turns. On top of this, many drivers are navigating the Dalton Highway in the difficult weather conditions that Alaska is known for. 

It’s the same situation in Colorado with the Million Dollar Highway and with many other states across the country. 

Staying Safe on the Road

How does your state stack up?

It’s clear that in looking at automobile accidents by state that certain states can be much more dangerous for drivers than others. The above information can help you understand why this is the case and which states might be safer to navigate.

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