5 Of The Best Modifications You Can Make To Your Car

Do you want to make your car more unique?

Sure, you love it. But, it feels so factory!

Custom car modifications will bring your car up to speed with your style!

Five Awesome DIY Car Modifications

Soup up your car to make it look and drive like no other vehicle! Keep reading for five easy car mods you can do on your own!

1. Custom Interior 

Create a custom interior all on your own. With this, you can find cheap car mods that will seem priceless.

Vinyl wraps your interior trim. This gives it a more luxurious look and gives you an option to add a pop of color or pattern.

Move on to the seat covers that accent the trim. Find covers that provide comfort and speak to your sense of style. Match the seat covers with a steering wheel cover. Aside from fashion and comfort, they protect your steering wheel.

Protect your floors as well! Swap out your factory mats for colors that match your other decor and that protect the floor from the weather.

Don’t stop there. Install a custom shift knob tho complete your look.

2.  Accent Lights

With little effort, you can give your car a little glow with cheap, cosmetic car mods. Just add lights! 

Easily install custom license plate lights, colored dome lights, and interior dash lighting. This provides you with a cheap and easy way to play with your vehicle, and you can easily switch out the bulb colors once you install the lighting strips!

3. Cold Air Intake System

Looking for cool car mods that will enhance your performance? Install a cold air intake system.

This system puts air filters outside of your engine compartment to bring cold air in. This creates combustion to increases horsepower and prolongs the engine life for your vehicle.

Do not go moving everything around your engine bay for this installation. Simply remove your factory airbox and attach your new one.

4. Wheels

Play with the way your wheels look and feel. Quality auto parts will set your car apart from the rest. 

Bigger wheels look nice but make sure you keep the same overall diameter. You use bigger rims, but shorter tires to achieve this. Look for the number on the sidewall of the tire to make sure it corresponds with your rim size.

Decide if you like the classic chrome look, or if you would rather sport something with color and spin.

5. Brake Pads

Upgrading your brake pads to a quality setup will enhance the performance and handling of your vehicle. You can install something that protects against the heat or pads that produce less dust and noise.

It all depends on what you want out of your vehicle. To change out your brake pads, remove your wheel, undo the frame holding your current pads, and insert your new set.

Rev-Up Your Car’s Look And Performance

Drive a vehicle you feel good about! Simple car modifications can transform it into something legendary!

We understand the importance of your vehicle getting you where you need to go. Find quality auto repair services near you on our website!

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