5 Reliable Pickup Truck Brands to Buy Used

Did you know that pickup trucks account for over twenty percent of vehicles currently in operation? As it turns out, pickup trucks are needed far and wide for all kinds of uses, both for work and recreation. However, with all the hauling you will expect a truck to withstand, reliability means everything.

Perhaps you’re in the market for a good truck at a price that won’t break the bank. You should know that buying a pickup truck used is a whole other ballgame. This brief guide will break down some of the best used pickup trucks available on the market.

1. Browse Ford F-150s for the Best Used Pickup Trucks

You’ll find answers all across the board as to “What is the best pickup truck to buy used”, but sometimes the classics are classics for a reason.

Still the best-selling pickup truck in America, the Ford F-150 comes in countless models and engine sizes suited to what you need most from it. No matter which variant you go with, you’ll find an excellent balance of strength, comfort, and cost-efficiency.

2. Chevrolet Avalanche

If you’re looking for the best used pickup truck to buy for versatility above all else, the Chevrolet Avalanche is the way to go. With the Avalanche, you always have the option to switch between using it as a pickup truck or as a two-row SUV with much more seating space than your average pickup.

A Chevy Avalanche can be perfect for hauling one day and still taking a family trip the next.

3. Ram 1500

The Dodge Ram introduced its Hemi engine to the truck world in 2003, and since then it’s stood out for the sheer strength of its engine. Clocking in at much more horsepower than your average Ford or GM truck, the Ram 1500‘s engine can handle just about any job you throw at it.

As an added plus, its fearsome, muscular grille absolutely sets it apart in the style department.

4. Toyota Tacoma

You may find that a used Toyota Tacoma might still be on the pricier side as far as the best used pickup trucks go. However, there’s a very simple reason for this, as the Tacoma is one of the most reliable trucks there is, boasting a stunning average lifespan.

Perfect for its V6 engine, four-wheel drive, and offroading capabilities, you’ll be shocked at how many thousands of miles its odometer can clock.

5. Chevrolet Silverado

If you need the best value pickup truck used, then you should know the Chevrolet Silverado benefits enormously from its own popularity. Replacement parts are plenty and cheap, meaning it can easily be fixed no matter how hard a tow you put it through.

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