Car Collision Damage: The Most Common Issues After a Crash

There are around 6 million car crashes in the United States every year. From fender benders to fatal crashes, there’s no denying that 6 million is a hefty number. 

You’ve likely gotten into some type of accident in your life. While collision damage is inconvenient, it’s nothing compared to the more serious outcomes of a car crash. 

If you’ve ever dealt with car collision damage, keep reading. Here are the most common types of collision damage that occur because of a car accident. 

Collision Damage: Bumpers

True to its name, your car bumper is there to prevent physical damage to the front and back of your car in the vent of a low-impact collision. This is why it’s one of the most commonly damaged car parts in the case of a car accident.

Most of the time, bumpers are damaged because of reckless parking in parking lots. It’s also common to have bumper damage after hopping a curb or sliding into something because of slick road conditions.


Another common damage to your car after a crash is the headlights. Headlights mostly get damaged in high-impact crashes or head-on collisions. 

They crack easily upon collision because they’re made of rigid materials. Fortunately, getting your headlights replaced isn’t that much of a headache compared to other car parts. 


The fenders on your car are the places around the wheel that frame the wheel well. Their purpose is to prevent mud, rocks, and other debris on the road from being kicked up from the tires. 

Because they stand out from the side of your vehicle, it’s common that at least one will get damaged in a car crash. It’s also easy to clip these on poles or other cars in tight parking spaces. 

Wheel Misalignment

Driving over a particularly large pothole can cause your wheels to fall out of alignment. Naturally, the impact of a car crash will probably make your wheels misaligned too. 

This is a damaged car part that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Driving with your wheels out of alignment can cause your tires to wear unevenly, which could result in having to replace them sooner than normal.

After a car accident, you should get your wheel realigned. This process can also help mechanics know if there’s damage to other parts of your car, like the suspension.


Speaking of damage that needs to be addressed quickly, your windshield and windows are another car part that can be damaged after a car crash. Most states require a windshield to drive, and some states also require working windows. 

Even if you don’t live in one of those states, driving without a windshield can cause structural damage to your car. The windshield in most models is integral to your car’s overall structure. 

Look for the best windshield replacement company in your area. You’ll want to get it fixed or replaced before you hit the road again.

Drive On

Now you’re aware of the most common collision damage that happens after a car accident. Hopefully, you won’t have to use this knowledge anytime soon. 

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