Diamond in the Rough: 5 Benefits of Pick and Pull Junkyards for DIY Auto Repairs

If you consider yourself any kind of gearhead, auto buff, or car enthusiast, you enjoy repairing and replacing parts on your ride. 

Your garage could be set up perfectly. You may have all the tools you need. You might even know exactly what you are doing. 

However, if you are not visiting a junkyard first for your car parts, you are making a mistake.

Pick and pull junkyards are a treasure trove for mechanics and the best place to look for parts. Read on to discover 5 benefits of pick and pull junkyards for DIY auto repair. 

What is a Pick and Pull Lot?

A pick and pull junkyard is a boneyard for cars. This is where hundreds of totaled, recycled, and junked cars will go after their road life is over. This might sound like nothing, but if you are in the market for some parts, here is the place to look.

Customers will bring their own tools, and pay for the parts that they pick and pull. 

Now that you know how they work, let’s identify the benefits.

1)Save Money

The foremost reason any mechanic will benefit from a pick and pull junkyard is the savings. These lots are the best place to find the replacement parts that you don’t want to pay top dollar for. 

No matter what parts you need, a pick and pull lot will charge you only a fraction of what it would cost brand new. 

2)Niche Parts

Perhaps you are working on an older car. Sometimes obscure parts for these models can be discontinued. If this is the case, your best bet will be a pick and pull junkyard. 

Pick and pull lots have expansive inventories. Do your research, read reviews, and contact yards to determine if they will have the part you are looking for. 

3)Learning Opportunity 

Put the cost-saving aside for a moment. Another great reason to visit a pick and pull junkyard is to learn about your DIY project. When you order something brand new, it is usually a part in a box. It can be difficult to determine how to install it. 

Alternatively, physically removing the part from a junked car will give you a chance to learn how it works and how it is attached. This knowledge will pay dividends when its time to reinstall the part in your car. 

4)Environmental Benefits

If you are at all environmental conscience, you will see the benefit of pick and pull lots. Customers are pulling working parts off junked cars and giving them a second life. Scrap auto parts are a great way to practice recycling habits.


Finally, the pick and pull lot is fun. If you like cars, these junkyards are like adult candy stores. With tools in hand, you can walk the rows of vehicles for hours looking for automotive treasures

Get to Picking and Pulling

Now that you know the benefits of a pick and pull yard, you’ll never buy new parts again. Plan your next mechanical undertaking and save money by visiting a junkyard. 

Remember, there are always new tips to learn about cars. If you enjoyed this list, stick around the blog for more automotive articles. 

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