Get Lifted: 7 of the Sickest Truck Modifications You Can Do Yourself

There’s nothing better than buying a brand new vehicle.

Indeed, the auto industry is thriving in the US. Approximately 18 million cars and trucks are sold every year around the country.

However, sometimes, off the shelf vehicles don’t quite cut it.

They might look too generic, fail to show off your personality, or struggle to drive how you’d like them to. Truck modifications can make all the difference.

Modifications allow you to personalize your new vehicle. One way or another, you bring it in line with your desired specifications.

Even better, you can do many of them yourself on the cheap.

Don’t want to pay through the nose for professional mods? Let us help.

Read on for 7 of the best DIY truck mods to improve your ride.

1. New Wheels & Tires

No matter the truck, tires are up there with the greatest modifications you can make.

If you’re looking for a way to transform the look of your truck, then this is it (these 2017 Tacoma accessories might provide further ideas). Tires immediately change a vehicle’s personality.

Want your vehicle to stand out? Want your truck to be a man amongst boys? Then start with the wheels. Think of it as a makeover for the vehicle. The end result can give the vehicle an entirely distinct appearance from what you bought.

You can also enjoy greater tread and traction while driving.

2. LED Lighting

LED lights are a classic modification that serves a dual practical and aesthetic function.

The standard lights that come with your truck are usually incandescent and halogen by nature. These do the job but generate a dull yellow light.

Swapping them out for LEDs will provide a more modern look for your vehicle. Even better, it gains brighter lights at the same time, which obviously improves levels of visibility. Of course, added visibility amounts to greater safety too.

Any number of bulbs can be changed on your truck. Both interior and exterior lights can easily be upgraded for enhanced visibility and aesthetics.

3. Floor Liners, Bed Liners, Hood Deflectors & Window Visors

Protecting your new vehicle is likely to be top of your priorities.

After all, this is your baby! You want it looking and driving its absolute best for as long as possible. To do that, you have to take steps to protect it from the wear and tear that trucks face.

Even better, these modifications are some of the easiest you’ll come across. Adding floor liners, bed liners, hood deflectors, and window visors are all options at your disposal.

Floor liners drop right into place and help reduce damage from dirt, moisture, and sand you bring inside. Same with bed liners. Easy to install, they’ll prevent scratches and dents in the bed of the truck.

Hood deflectors & window visors serve a vital function too.

They protect your truck’s windshield and windows from debris that gets kicked up while driving. You’ll enjoy added aesthetic appeal in the process.

4. Vanity Plates

Nothing says bespoke more than a personalized license plate.

Be sure to check the rules in your state about these. Some states are stricter than others with what you can and can’t get away with. However, in general, they’re a great, fun and super easy means of modifying your truck.

Of course, the functionality of the vehicle isn’t changed! Instead, it’s more about setting the truck apart from the rest. Vanity plates add a level of status.

Likewise, they’re about personality, ownership, and taking pride in your vehicle.

5. Car Wrapping

Wrapping of cars has taken off in recent years.

It provides a much simpler and cheaper alternative to getting a brand new paint job.

This is arguably the best way to add a personal touch to a new vehicle. Even the tiniest alterations to color and design can set your truck apart. There’s no limit to what you can do in terms of style and coloration.

Even better, wrapping is fully reversible too, meaning it’s a no-commitment modification.

Now, many people will go to a professional to wrap their car. However, with the right skills and requisite space, it’s still something you can do yourself.

6. New Air Intake System

Time for a functional upgrade.

The engine of any truck you buy will be fitted with a standard restrictive air intake system. These do the job, but they leave significant room for improvement.

Help your truck breathe better with a new high-flow air filter.

These increase the efficiency and overall performance of the vehicle, giving you a slight boost of power as well. A new drop-in air filter takes no expertise to fit either!

With no tools, simply take out the old system, and drop your new high-flow air filter into place- job done.

7. Bed Extender

Let’s face it, your truck usually has plenty of space out the back.

However, just occasionally, you won’t be able to fit everything in the bed space. You might have particularly, long, large or substantial loads to transport.

In these moments, having a bed extender mod can make a big difference.

Simply fold down the tailgate and fit the extender into place. In one simple move, you’ve got an extra two foot of space out the back. You never know when you’ll need it!

Final Thoughts on DIY Truck Modifications

There you have it: 7 of the best truck modifications that you can do yourself.

Millions of vehicles are sold each year in the US.

However, sometimes, off the shelf vehicles just don’t cut it. That’s especially true when you’ve just bought a brand new truck.

You want them to stand out, command the road, and give you access to off-road adventures. Modifications may be required to bring it up to standard.

Thankfully, these mods don’t have to be excessively expensive or difficult. Hopefully, this post has provided you with some straight-forward DIY ideas for doing it.

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