The Ultimate List of Emergency Essentials to Keep in Your Car

Emergencies happen. It’s like, at the most inconvenient time, your car decides that it no longer wants to start or you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere with no gas station in sight.

Let’s face it. No one is immune to emergencies.

And while we most of us have been there, we don’t always take the necessary precautions to make sure we’re equipped for times like these.

But where do we start? What do you do when your car breaks down? How do we prepare? What are the must-have emergency essentials that every car must have?

We’re here to help. When an emergency decides to make a guest appearance, here’s everything you need in order to be prepared.

Emergency Essentials To Keep In Your Car

When an emergency strikes while you’re driving, you need to be prepared. Here’s the ultimate list of things you need to keep in your car.

Spare Tire

When it comes to emergency essentials, a spare tire is at the top of our list. Because your tires are undeniably one of the most used components on your vehicle, you want to make sure you have a spare in case one of them blows out.

Tire Sealer

One of the most common roadside emergencies are leaking tires. When you run over things like nails and screws on the road, you will need an immediate fix. Keep a tire sealer in your glove compartment in order to plug an uninvited leak when the time comes.

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are going to be one of the absolutely necessary emergency essentials when trying to restore a dead battery. Let’s face it. There are going to be times when your battery just won’t start. Familiarize yourself with how to jump-start a car for the times when your battery decides to give out.

Car Manual

We know we know – no one ever reads any manuals, let alone car manuals. Usually located in the glove compartment, car manuals are packed with useful information in regards to how to fix common problems that you may experience.

First Aid Kit

You don’t have to be a soccer mom in order to know that a first aid kit should be part of your emergency essentials. Because accidents are bound to happen to anyone, it’s a good idea to keep a first aid kit in your vehicle for situations that catch you off guard.

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