How to Protect Auto Paint: The Complete Guide for New Car Owners

By 2030, the global market for collision repair is expected to surpass $220 billion. An increasing number of car collisions combined with poor car protection make car ownership frustrating and expensive.

Did you know that by learning to protect auto paint, you can minimize the cost of car ownership?

In this article, we teach you everything you need to know about protecting your new auto paint job. Read on to give yourself new skills, knowledge, and peace of mind. 

Mind Where You Park

To protect auto paint, you have to pay attention to where you leave your car. The best place for car paint protection is an enclosed garage. Since this isn’t always an option, learn to avoid some common environmental hazards. 

Search for Shade

Frequent or long-term sun exposure is damaging to your new auto paint and your car’s interior, especially on hot days. The combination of sun and heat can lead to fading or cracked paint. Search for a spot with some shade.

Avoid Trees and Unstable Structures

While trees and other structures can protect from the sun, they can lead to other types of damage. Trees can lead to sap or bird droppings, and an unstable structure could collapse and damage your car.

Protect Auto Paint With Film

Adding a protective layer to your auto paint job is one of the best methods of car paint protection. Supreme Wraps FL specializes in protective wraps that keep car paint looking new, even after exposure to rain, dirt, or road debris.

Invest in Covers for Cars

Covers for cars give you more freedom and peace of mind when your car is unattended. Not only do these protect auto paint from sun and rain exposure, but it also helps keep your new auto paint clean.

Wash as Needed

It’s important to keep your auto paint job clean, but be sure to only wash it as needed. Overwashing can wear your paint down quicker since it’s an abrasive process. Go through your car washing routine every 1-2 weeks.

Use the Right Method

Automated car washes can make auto paint protection more difficult since they can be especially harsh and abrasive. Consider a DIY car washing routine. Hand wash with soft, gentle sponges and mild cleaning agents.

Minimize Time on the Road

If you don’t need to drive your car constantly, don’t. The more time you spend on the road, the more exposure your new auto paint gets to dirt, rocks, and harsh weather. Limit driving time, especially in harsh weather.

Take Care of Damage ASAP

A small scratch may not seem like a big deal, but it can lead to rust. Rust isn’t just bad news for your auto paint job, it’s also bad for your car’s body. Get any scratches or dents fixed ASAP to minimize additional damage.

Protect Auto Paint

Be aware of how you go about car paint protection and learn to avoid potential hazards. Combining the above techniques is the best way to protect auto paint from damage caused by sun exposure, weather, or accidents. 

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